About Us

Rescue Wipes was founded by a diverse group of individuals with a common goal of insuring first responder safety.

The team consists of legal professionals, members of the fire service, an expert in urban regional development and a creative producer.

In 2013 the Firefighter Cancer Support Network impaneled a group of subject matter experts to study the prevalence of cancer in the fire service. The participants came from the legal, medical, social research communities and members of the fire service. In Indianapolis, the Rescue Wipes team was integral in the development and authoring of this body of work.

As a result of the findings, it was determined that dermal absorption was a leading cause of cancer in the fire service.

In a meeting of the founders, a discussion was held about socially responsible business and the need for a product to remove carcinogens from first responders.

Thus, the concept of on scene decontamination and Rescue Wipes was born.


Our dedication to cancer prevention and safety begins with using only premium ingredients to help remove soot, smoke, and harmful toxins from the skin. The Rescue Wipes team is dedicated to spreading awareness and providing education to all public safety members about the risk of cancer and immediate cost-efficient steps that can help in prevention.