Baby Wipes vs Rescue Wipes

Baby wipes do not always provide the safest formula and most effective material for first responders to safely and sufficiently decontaminate the skin.

Rescue Wipes use only safe and premium ingredients; are latex free, paraben free, MI free, and do not contain alcohol. Most baby wipes do not contain the safest ingredients. According to Good Housekeeping “Some baby wipes contain a preservative ingredient called methylisothiazolinone (MI), which can cause an allergic reaction if left on your baby's skin” Sabina Wizemann, Senior Chemist in the Health, Beauty and Environmental Sciences Lab explains. Experts have been investigating the dangers of MI since 1994, when the CIR evaluated clinical evidence that MI was causing allergic reactions. Rescue Wipes formula does not contain any harmful ingredients that can cause detrimental health issues. According to Livestrong, “One key to using baby wipes safely is to know their uses and limitations. The main ingredient in most baby wipes is alcohol, accompanied by artificial fragrances and other chemicals that keep the wipes from mildewing.” Alcohol is known to destroy skin cells, open up the pores and ultimately increase permeability. See Antiseptic Wipes Vs. Rescue Wipes for reference on the dangers of alcohol on the skin.  

Baby wipes also do not always reveal all of the ingredients used. I read Labels For You states, “According to the 2007 Environmental Working Group’s EWG’s analysis of hidden ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, 95% of baby wipes might be potentially contaminated with dangerous chemicals.  In other words, 95% of baby wipes contain ingredients that have the potential to be contaminated and thus have hidden ingredients, in that the contamination itself essentially becomes an ingredient that is not disclosed.” Baby wipes are becoming less popular due to the inconsistency of safe ingredients and increased health issues. Rescue Wipes disclose all of the ingredients used in the product.

Rescue Wipes are larger and stronger than baby wipes. They do not leave residue, pull apart or have a scent. Our wipes are 8”x 12”, just larger than a piece of notebook paper. We use a hydroentangled spunlace material that provides durability and resistance. Hydroentangled spunlace also provides a softness and smoothness on the skin. Baby wipes leave residue and particles on the face or scruff. Baby wipes tend to run smaller and are quick to tear, pull apart and break down. Also, baby wipes provide a certain scent or everlasting smell which has been known to cause disturbance for repeated use.

Rescue Wipes are also hypoallergenic and include aluminum-lined packaging to withstand extreme environments and preserve over a long period of time. Most baby wipes are not hypoallergenic. They are also extremely quick to dry out due to inadequate packaging. 

Rescue Wipes are the most economical decon wipe on the market at less than 16 cents per wipe.  Each pack provides enough wipes for proper decontamination. See SOP’s for reference.
Wipe away the risk with Rescue Wipes.