As a sustaining partner of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, Rescue Wipes works to sustain FCSN's vital programs and events, which provide assistance and one-on-one mentoring for thousands of cancer-stricken firefighters and their families, and delivers extensive firefighter cancer awareness and prevention training nationwide.





In late April 2013, the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) invited a small group of experts to Indianapolis to develop a white paper on cancer in the fire service.

The participants came from the legal, medical, and social-research communities, and the fire service — including volunteer, combination and career departments and chief officers, firefighters, company officers, union leaders, and local and state fire training directors. Two firefighters who are cancer survivors participated, and every workshop participant knew firefighters who currently have cancer or who died as a result of cancer.

They willingly shared their knowledge, experience, commitment, and questions to better understand and describe the complexity of firefighter cancer awareness. The discussions addressed prevention, diagnosis, treatment and the long-term implications for the firefighter, the firefighter’s family, their coworkers, the fire department and community policy. Importantly, they also identified a series of actions that firefighters can take to reduce their exposure to chemicals that can cause or facilitate cancer.

Since then, we have created a Sustaining Partnership with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network to continue their efforts in the fight against cancer in the fire service!


Read the White Paper

Sustaining Partners Press Release