Rescue Wipes

Rescue Wipes® Has Officially Joined Hero Wipes®  

July 10, 2018


The merging of these two exciting brands will allow our combined team to deliver the cancer prevention message more effectively through our enhanced distribution channels and our diversely priced and positioned product line. We want all first responders to wipe away the risk.

 Members of the firefighter community who want to learn more or make product requests can contact Hero Wipes at or call Diamond Wipes at 1 (800) 454-1077.


12 Million 

Number of cancer survivors in 2012, up from 3 million in 1971


Times more likely a firefighter will develop  testicular cancer compared to the general population


Increase in absorption for every 5° increase
in skin temperature


Of harmful carcinogenic 
toxins, including benzene, chloroform, and formaldehyde, are 
released during fires