Rescue Wipes Standard Operating Procedure 


A minimum of Rescue Wipes are recommended for proper decontamination. 

​Doffing PPE & Decontaminating Skin

  1. Once egressed from the structure, contaminated firefighter enters decontamination area.
  2. A designated firefighter (on air) utilizes foxtail brush and removes as much debris as possible from contaminated firefighter, beginning at the helmet and ending at the boots. 
  3. Exposed personnel move from the decontamination area to the designated doffing area. 
  4. Position self near a large plastic bag used for transporting all contaminated PPE. 
  5. Doff contaminated gloves. 
  6. Use Rescue Wipes to clean hands. 
  7. Don nitrile gloves. 
  8. Doff all other PPE items including: helmet, hood, turnout jacket, pants and boots. Place items in bag as removed. 
  9. Tie or seal plastic bag. 
  10. Remove Nitrile Gloves and use separate Rescue Wipes to clean hands and wrists. 
  11. Use separate Rescue Wipes to clean face, neck, and ears. 
  12. Use separate Rescue Wipes to clean any other parts of the body that 
    may have been exposed to contaminants due to PPE openings 
    such as the armpits and groin region. 
  13. Place all contaminated wipes and nitrile gloves in a separate trash bag or bio hazard 
    container and dispose accordingly. 
  14. Return to quarters for showers. 

Further decontamination beyond these 5 permeable areas are encouraged, as toxins may linger on skin and personal protective equipment.

Wipe Away the Risk!