Hero Wipes® EMS Sanitizing Wipes - 250 Individually Wrapped Packets
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Hero Wipes® EMS Sanitizing Wipes - 250 Individually Wrapped Packets


Purchase by Case - 250 individually Wrapped Packet

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Hero Wipes® EMS effectively cleans and is 99.9% effective against most common germs to reduce the risk of infection that bloodborne pathogens present.

  • Strong, stretchable extra thick towel
  •  99.9% effective against most common bacterial pathogens to reduce infection risk
  • EWG Verified - for your health
  • Each wipe is individually wrapped and sealed to keep it sterile
  • Each wipe measures 7” x 8”

Hero Wipes EMS as an effective solution
Utilizing the company’s vast experience in formulating and creating wipe products, Hero Wipes EMS was created as a safe and effective healthcare antiseptic wipe. The wipes are thick and stretchable enough to stand up to vigorous use in cleaning. The product also features an exceptional absorption quality, and log reduction testing showed it is 99.9% effective against most common germs. Moreover, as with original Hero Wipes, Hero Wipes EMS are kind to skin. The product is EWG VERIFIED for its commitment to using safe ingredients, providing transparency and engaging in quality manufacturing practices.

Hero Wipes EMS also complies with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens standard requirements and meets the CDC’s guideline for hand hygiene in healthcare settings.

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